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Pre-Peel Toner

pH Remodelling Formula

Pre-Peel Toner is a gentle yet highly effective professional-strength toner designed to modify the skin’s pH prior to chemical or enzymatic peeling. This toner contains 20% of Glycolic Acid used to gently exfoliate the upper layers of dead skin cells, refine the skin texture and prepare it for the forthcoming more effective peeling. This preparation is essential in order to overcome the extreme skin discomfort sometimes associated with chemical peeling. This treatment is also effective prior to hyper-pigmentation treatment. Pre-Peel Toner is ideal for all skin types and is paraben-free and sulfate-free.

Key Ingredients

  • Glycolic Acid +

    Perhaps the best-known of a group of skin-exfoliating chemicals called fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). This natural ingredient is commonly extracted from sugar cane. Glycolic acid is a rapid exfoliant ideal for fading sunspots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid rejuvenates the skin and refines its texture by shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells, stimulation cell regeneration in the skin by increasing the production of collagen and revealing younger-looking skin and a clear, radiant complexion.

  • Sodium Hydroxypropylsulfonate Decylglucoside +

    Soothing, smoothing mild sulfate-free cleansing agent, green-environmentally friendly.

Pre-Peel Toner

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