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Special Care Cream

For inflamed and acute skin conditions, it is important to treat not only the itching and burning but also their consequences on the skin. Scratching damages the skin barrier and destroys the hydrolipid film, therefore it is making areas of the skin vulnerable to attacks by microorganisms and other harmful substances. This is exactly where the Cream, that is preservative-free and fragrance-free, comes into play. The Cream contains a novel ferment extract from Pseudoalteromonas, a bacterium that originates from the Antarctic. This biologically obtained extract generates a restructuring process of scarred skin tissue in inflamed areas. Furthermore, it reduces inflammatory processes and ensure that the skin regains its adaptability and resistance to irritation. This highly concentrated care system with micro silver and patented formula is the soothing, restructuring and protective rescue remedy for extremely irritated and acutely stressed skin which is prone to allergies. The cream is free of preservatives, fragrances and colourants.

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