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ProbiotiX Mask

Balancing & Calming Mask

ProbiotiX Mask is a unique mask for soothing and balancing inflamed, red, and irritated skin.
It contains a blend of plant extracts from the jiaogulan plant, which helps strengthen the
epidermal barrier and boost lipid synthesis in the skin, and Cretan rockrose (Cistus creticus),
which is rich in polyphenols and helps adolescent skin combat free radicals.
Magnolia bark extract also protects against free radicals and reduces inflammation and
The resurrection plant (Selaginella lepidophylla) protects the skin against moisture loss and
protects the epidermal barrier, cell membranes, and collagen and elastin fibers.
In addition to all these benefits, a unique probiotic ingredient is added that is produced by
state-of-the-art biotechnological means, which makes the skin resistant to environmental
stressors, encourages cell division, and helps boost the skin's natural immune system

Key Ingredients

ProbiotiX Mask

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