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Double Action Formula

Anti - Wrinkle Serum

Double Action Formula is a highly effective serum, attacking wrinkle formation from two different angles. It is composed of two of the most exciting oligopeptides – ArgirelineTM, a powerful anti-wrinkle biopeptide with a Botulinum toxin like effect, and Matrixyl Synth6 TM, a biopeptide that reduces the appearance of wrinkles from the inside by stimulating the synthesis of macromolecules that lift and smoothen the skin. White Tea Leaf Extract, with its powerful protective capacities from environmental toxins, UV damage, and any other stress that shows on the skin, completes this extraordinary formula.

Key Ingredients

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argiriline) +

    Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, or commercially known as Argireline, is a synthetic peptide made from proteins found in botulinum toxin (Botox). Unlike Botox, Argireline is a peptide, meaning it is comprised from amino acids - an ingredient familiar to our body, and is therefore safe for use. Argireline is used for treating expression lines appearing in the area of the eyes, forehead and lips.

  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 - Matrixyl™ Synthe™ 6 +

    This is a synthesized polypeptide for treating wrinkles, and particularly expression lines. It accelerates the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin. It improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

  • White Tea Leaf Extrac +

    White tea leaf extract is very rich in polyphenols that are known to protect against free radicals and UV rays. It is also rich in isoflavones that have antioxidant properties and are an important ingredient in keeping the skin looking youthful and healthy.

Double Action Formula

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