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Balancing Cream

24-hour Intensive Moisturizer

Balancing Cream is an extraordinary 24-hour intensive moisturizer with sun protection for sensitive skin that tends to accumulate impurities. A special detox-active agent, combined with olives leaves and Chinese date, acts to permanently remove "cell waste" and reduce metabolic waste and toxins. This strengthens cell resistance to environmental stress factors and boosts the skin's natural regeneration process. The skin will look younger. A combination of iris extract, zinc and Vitamin A act to provide the perfect balance of lipid synthesis and to remove impurities from the skin. With its unique composition of active ingredients of iris extract, Chinese date, olive leaves, zinc and vitamin A, Balancing Cream acts as a detoxifier and effectively protects against irritants. This innovative product ensures that toxins in the skin cells will be identified and destroyed, and the skin will be visibly cleaner. The product also boosts the skin's antioxidative protection system and provides added moisture to the skin. Balancing Cream also has sun protection features for perfect skin care. To effectively fight against the daily attack of billions of toxins that can cause accelerated aging of the skin!

Key Ingredients

  • lris Florentina +

    This extract helps accelerate the natural healing of skin wounds. It also contains isoflavones and estrogen-like ingredients that act as a natural regulator of hormonal and metabolic activity in the body in general, and particularly in the skin. Normal hormonal and metabolic activity is essential for keeping the skin of the face healthy and youthful, especially as we mature.

  • Oleuropein +

    Olive oil consists mainly of fatty acids (oleic acid 55-85%, palmitic acid and linoleic acid) along with other skin-nourishing compounds such as squalane, oleuropein and vitamin E. Olive oil is an effective anti-oxidant, moisturizer and protects the skin against UVB damage.

  • Tocopherol - ויטמין E +

    טוקופרול, הצורה הפעילה ביותר של ויטמין E מסיס בשומן, מוכר כנוגד החימצון הביולוגי היעיל ביותר המגן בעיקר על העור מפני נזקי קרינה אולטרה סגולית. ויטמין E משמש כחומר לחות, כנוגד חימצון ולשיפור גמישות העור.

  • Zinc +

    zinc supports proper function of immune system in the skin/connective tissue, promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, stimulates metabolism, cell division and tissue repair.

  • Zizyphus Jujuba - Chinese Jujube or Red Date +

    The Chinese jujube fruit or red date is a very powerful antioxidant. It is high in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamins B1 and B2 and calcium. All of these ingredients help speed up skin regeneration, protect it from environmental stressors and moisturize the skin.

Balancing Cream

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