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Argenta Mask

Re-Balancing Mask

Argenta Mask is an intelligent formula for re-balancing and calming the skin. It is a soft and calming mask for all skin types characterized by overactive sebaceous glands, redness and inflammation. It immediately smoothes and calms the skin, refines the pores, and leaves skin looking well-balanced. The key ingredient is silver which aids in regeneration and the healing process. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. Kaolin absorbs excessive sebum and pollution substances from the skin’s surface. This mask evens, refines and clarifies the skin visibly and perceptibly.

Key Ingredients

  • Silver +

    Silver particles are known for their natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, thereby maintaining a healthy complexion.

  • Kaolin +

    Kaolin is a natural clay mineral used for softening the skin, used as an antiseptic and for healing sores. Its antibacterial properties makes it a recommended ingredient for treating acne or other skin infections. Kaolin also enriches the skin with minerals, such as zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Argenta Mask

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