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AHA-8 Multi-Gel

Fruit Acid Concentrate

AHA Multi-Gel consists of a blend of potent Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Polymers (8%) in a firming plant polysaccharides medium. This blend of Hydroxy Acids decreases the “stickiness” between corneocytes above the granular layer, increases desquamation and evenly thins the stratum corneum. It also contains Marine Minerals and Amino Acids for revitalization and nutrients. Additionally - it contains Aminoguanidine, an outstanding ingredient known for its ability to prevent the process of sugar-barnacles from attaching to and destroying collagen fibers in the skin. This process is a major contributer to skin aging. Clients will love the feel of AHA Multi-Gel on their skin as it firms, nourishes and renews through gentle exfoliation.

Key Ingredients

  • Aminoguanidine +

    An anti-inflammatory agent and a building block to collagen and elastin. It works in combination with D-Beta-Fructan and D-Beta-Glucosamine to build stable, moisture-retaining mucopolysaccharides in the skin.

  • Chondrus Crispus - Red Algae +

    Chondrus crispus, also known as red algae, protects the upper layers of the skin, thus protecting it from environmental stressors. The peptides and amino acids naturally found in it make it an excellent moisturizer and very effective for combating free radicals. It is rich in beta carotene (which gives it its red color) - pro-vitamin A that contributes to skin regeneration and healing processes. The red seaweed also acts as a natural radiation screen to block the blue light emitted by screens (such as computer screens, tablets, smartphones, etc.), thus preventing ''smartphone wrinkles''.

  • D-Beta-Fructan +

    A mushroom-derived polysaccharide that stimulates the immune function of the skin and improves the skin’s moisture retention.

  • D-Beta-Glucosamine +

    An anti-inflammatory agent and a building block to collagen and elastin.

  • Glycolic Acid Polymer +

    The polymer is a “strand” of linked glycolic acid molecules. It is more readily absorbed by the skin where it slowly breaks down to exert its exfoliating activity. It is less irritating than the “regular” glycolic acid.

  • L-Lactic Acid +

    Lactic acid, or milk acid, is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from milk. The importance of this ingredient lies in its ability to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. By removing the dead skin layers, the skin will have a healthier texture and fresher appearance. Lactic acid exfoliates the skin without being harsh – the human body naturally produces this acid so the skin is already accustomed to it, minimizing skin irritation and rejection. Lactic acid has a substantial moisturizing quality as well. Lactic acid Improves the overall texture of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

AHA-8 Multi-Gel

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