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    "Evidence based skin care" is what our product line is all about. Read more...

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    Anti-Ageing solutions to Dry Skin and even Eye Care. Discover our full range.

  • Our Experience

    The founder of Biopeptix Cosmeceuticals Dr. Dubi Luxman, M.D.

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    Click here to see the full list of ingredients we use to create our products.

Welcome to Biopeptix

The name “Biopeptix” symbolises the idea behind the products: the use of bio-peptides – short-chain proteins – that bind to receptors on skin cells (e.g. hormones) and stimulate the activities of regeneration, rehabilitation and protection that have been impaired or abandoned by the skin, owing to environmental damage and premature ageing.

Collagen Booster

Collagen Booster Serum is a triple-action product designed to improve the skin’s moisture depot and elasticity: plant-derived collagen... [Read more]

Amino-C Serum

Amino-C serum is a “par excellence” anti-aging product consisting of 20% concentration pure, raw L-Ascorbic Acid blended... [Read more]

AHA 8 Multi-Gel

AHA Multi-Gel consists of a blend of potent alpha-hydroxy acids polymers (8%) in a firming plant polysaccharides medium... [Read more]

Pump Skin Peel

Pump-Skin Peel is a fruit-acid/enzyme formula based on organic pumpkin fruit specially developed as an exfoliation accelerator with... [Read more]

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