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Cranberry Peel

Fruit Acid Peel

Cranberry Peel is a superb formula for smoothing, firming, toning and mildly exfoliating the skin. It contains D-Cranberry Complex - highly beneficial for its antioxidant and its gentle anti-bacterial properties. The Cranberry Peel contains L-Lactic Acid to promote cell-turnover, brighten discolorations and tone the skin. The D-Glucuronic acid is a highly moisturizing component of Hyaluronic Acid, and a precursor of Vitamin C. A unique L-Carnosine, Aminoguanidine, Glycosaminoglycans complex inhibits collagen breakdown, boosting the skin's healing process completes this outstanding product to be a perfect exfoliator for ageing and environmentally-stressed skin.

Key Ingredients

  • Aminoguanidine +

    An anti-inflammatory agent and a building block to collagen and elastin. It works in combination with D-Beta-Fructan and D-Beta-Glucosamine to build stable, moisture-retaining mucopolysaccharides in the skin.

  • Cranberry Fruit +

    Cranberry is a “super fruit” with multi-functional ingredients proven to have antioxidant, anti-Inflammatory, antiseptic, brightening, antimicrobial, cell renewal, anti-bacterial properties. These benefits are related to high contents of polyphenols and tocotrienols vitamin C, vitamin B-3, vitamin B-5 and omega oils.

  • Glycolic Acid +

    Perhaps the best-known of a group of skin-exfoliating chemicals called fruit acids or alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). This natural ingredient is commonly extracted from sugar cane. Glycolic acid is a rapid exfoliant ideal for fading sunspots, acne scars, blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic Acid rejuvenates the skin and refines its texture by shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells, stimulation cell regeneration in the skin by increasing the production of collagen and revealing younger-looking skin and a clear, radiant complexion.

  • Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) +

    Consisting of Hyaluronic Acid, Mucopolysacharides and Chondroiton Sulphates, these compounds maintain and support collagen, elastin and the extra-cellular water.

  • L-Carnosine +

    A potent anti aging natural ingredient known to prevent glycation – a process that destroys DNA and collagen leading to loss of cell function, premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. It has anti-inflammatory and super-antioxidant properties as well.

  • L-Lactic Acid +

    Lactic acid, or milk acid, is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from milk. The importance of this ingredient lies in its ability to exfoliate and hydrate the skin. By removing the dead skin layers, the skin will have a healthier texture and fresher appearance. Lactic acid exfoliates the skin without being harsh – the human body naturally produces this acid so the skin is already accustomed to it, minimizing skin irritation and rejection. Lactic acid has a substantial moisturizing quality as well. Lactic acid Improves the overall texture of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Cranberry Peel

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